Teri's my wife and she likes to sing. I like being married so the choice to have her
on Leaning UP and falling down was obvious - no choice. Truthfully I'm surprised
she put up with my obsessiveness through the whole thing. Her additions to Pasty
made the song, in her words, "a lot fun" - I agree, and although she's not really
bitchy, I love what she did at the end of UP In Shut Up. I'm listed as the 1st
Opinionist and Teri as the 2nd in the credits, but really I'd a make a quick decision
on something just so I could get it over to her for the final say. It's been a security
net knowing I could ask and get great feedback from her during this project. It's also
been great being able to create right in the living room while she's doing dishes
and packing lunches without too much cupboard slamming.