Staying In  

Black leather shoes, Sunday power tie
White button down, grab a piece of time
Fifteen years, have flowed into my mind
Since that day, when god was on my side

Face like a clown, political power bitch
You’re just a pawn, in a game played by the rich
Four letter word, you seem a bit confused
Hate’s not love, I’m human just like you
Yeah, the miracle’s in me too

I’m standing out here on the water
I’m staring up at the blue sky
I’ve shown you who you want me to be
If I show you who I am
Would I look the same in your eyes

My dear dad, I know could never stand
The thought of me, with another man
But is it ok, for him to visualize
Another man that way with my sister

Black and white, a mask for wrong and right
But why not gray, I don’t choose to feel this way
I feel your fear, believe me I’m scared too
Please help me live, instead of persecute
Instead of persecute
I woke up scared and gray today, outside it’s cold
and starting to rain
I’d like to go on out but I think I’ll stay in