Little Thing

Just a little thing, sitting in a seat
Just a little thing, refusing to be weak
What difference will it make, in the front or in the back
You’re just one person and black
Sitting there won’t change all that
Just a little thing

Just look back from where you stand, 2000 years or so
They stuck a guy up on a cross and how that thing did grow
Now two billion people are pushing what they need
A little thing now touches a third of humanity
Just a little thing

So here I stand with my brown bag, a bag I’ve used before
And it may be I’m the only one who’s brought a bag
back through the door
But a thing that I don’t understand is take a life,
use it once, then bury it in the land
All things must start somewhere, what’s big has memory
It’s just one little thing, perhaps a big thing will start with me
Just a little thing
Just a big thing