Jesus Land

I know someday I’ll die, that much I know is true
The part that I don’t buy is what happens when I’m through
I’m just an average sort of guy, in a middle sort of place
What scares the shit out of me, is being surrounded by
the christian race - here in Jesus’ Land

In Jesus Land, in Jesus Land, brother take me by the hand
Lord are you listening, can you show me the way, the things
I’m doing are they ok
Life’s so easy when you give it away, thinking like a child
here in Jesus Land

It’s true they’ve had some stars that have fallen from the sky
But now they’ve got a star that’ll be shining long after it dies
I poured some wine this evening and broke my daily bread
How can a guy 2000 years old be messin’ with my head
Here in Jesus’ Land


For ten percent I know I can be saved, just give my mind and my
money away
For zero down I can rot in the ground, you know sinners burn for

Going against the grain here in Jesus Land