Have You Cried Today

Water flows from children’s eyes like April snows down mountain sides
But older eyes are winter bound and frozen tears won’t touch the ground
I’d ask if you have cried today or should I start with different days
This week, last month, within the year, when last have your eyes shown some fear
What makes us change from souls laid bare to people who must hide our cares
Beneath the January snows lies new life when water flows

Have you cried today, have you cried today
Like leaves that turn from green to gold, to reach the end one must let go
Don’t fight what’s building up inside, see the world through children’s eyes
I know you’re strong, it’s not the same, it’s who we are, have you cried today

September is a favorite time of year, mornings crisp and evenings clear
But all looks different through a bloodshot veil, one September morning life looked frail
Young and old, weak and strong, there’s just one way to absorb such wrong
Bring some in and let some go, its nature’s way to clean the soul
But remember how it felt not to feel ok, many lives still live that way
Lest we forget what being human’s about, don’t keep it in let some feeling out