Dangers of Dope

Some scars for me run deep, they’re memories that I keep
And a memory is what I’ll share right now
It was the sway in her step that gave away the rest
It seemed to me her life was slipping through
That night I waited in the room, for what seemed impending doom
But I was told time was better spent at home
When I checked on her next day, suspicious looks were
cast my way - it was because my

Dog ate someone’s dope, just like up in smoke
She was straight when she left, whacked when she came back  
For what it cost to keep her here, I could have my own
fix each day of the year
You know someone’s pissed, my dog ate all their dope
I swear it wasn’t mine, the only thing I use is wine
We don’t care just sign right there, your dog will be just fine
Now we go one day at a time, desire burning in her eyes
I’m sorry Q, I should have warned on the dangers of dope

Someone’s still pissed, and you go through life without hope