Black Smoke  

Colorado morning, flowers are in bloom
Sun is kissing earth and their wind is sweet perfume
Just come down the mountain, senses are alive
Meadowlarks, springtime pines, reflections fill my eyes
And too I love the dark gray days, when shadows disappear
But unnatural dark, clouds the heart, it’s not rain that I hear

Black smoke, black smoke, black smoke is coming down
Black smoke displacing life’s true needs as it settles on the ground
Black smoke, black smoke, black smoke is now the air
To the left and to the right, black smoke is everywhere

Sniffing gas gives new meaning to Rocky Mountain High
Jump aboard the magic bus, my mind goes on a ride
Down the pipe, implode then squeeze, next a waiting place
Tanker truck, refinery, a million years of waste
Say high to a dinosaur, sleeping on some ferns
Off the bus, back in the cloud, wish I was a bird


What would Mr. Diesel think of his peanut oil machine
Corporate and political greed might bring him to his knees
It seems in life we have a choice, hope or despair and die
I hope that green replaces black and we bio for a while
Paradigm is what we need, and not two nickels worth
A shift in mind and just in time, there’s still a lot of ferns

Black smoke . . .